Ironman Update - Just a little delay

by Josh Becker on October 09, 2015

It has been a little over a month and I apologize that my blog is so behind schedule this month. My //">brain fog gets the best of me sometimes. A lot has happened since I last wrote my blog back in August. So I think if I recall I stated the update would be made on whether or not I would be going back to do my Half Ironman in Austin again. Well unfortunately, I hate to be the bearer of bad news about 3 weeks ago, my coach and I decided it would be best that I do not sign up for Austin this season. I was having issues with injuries and just getting my distance up on the run without issues in such a short time period. However, there is good news, I will be doing some sprint races this season just to get back into the swing of things, and training all winter this year. My goal is to complete a Half Ironman in the spring, and my plan is to do Ironman Maryland in Cambridge, MD next year.

Josh_10-9_blogI mentioned, that I was signed up for a few sprint races this season. Since my last blog, 2 races have come and gone. The first race I had planned I ended up doing a DNS (DID NOT START). I unfortunately came down with a nasty cold / sinus infection and there was no way I could participate and be fine. I don’t recommend going swimming when you are not able to breathe out of your nose. This past weekend, I completed my first race of the season! This was my training race last year and it’s a great race however it’s not accurately marked which is really annoying! What I mean is the run was cut short on the race by at least a mile I was not a happy camper. I have a lot of things I need to work on between the swim and the bike. I was struggling with my speed on the swim, which made my heart rate sky rocket. I was reaching my max on the bike and I just had to take it easy. My run went really well surprisingly! I pretty much followed what I had done in training, start slow and then I would work my intervals in watching the clock on my watch. Felt great with the run. I have one more triathlon this season next month, and then a 5K night run, which will be a first for me never done a 5K race at night.

Only thing I also have going on right now outside of races, I am doing a Pool School. I decided to sign up for this 5 week program so that I can improve my swimming stroke, technique and speed. I find that I am a very weak swimmer. It has never been a favorite sport of mine. So it’s one that I work on more than other disciplines. I will give yall an update later next month once the course is over. I have already learned a lot from the first class. I look forward to giving you the update after my last triathlon of the season, and my plans for the winter months going into 2016!

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