Interview: Amy Cochrane, Momentum Jewelry

by Megan Abdelnour
One of the most rewarding experiences in life is helping others, and inspiring them to be their very best. Amy Cochrane, founder of Momentum Jewelry, aims to do just that through her athletic-inspired jewelry and clothing that is designed to help people – no matter where their starting point – live their best lives. According to Amy, Momentum is not just another jewelry company. In addition to creating customized pieces you can move and sweat in, “Our goal is to change lives by encouraging people to be active, inspired and eager to share a message of strength and positivity.” Amy says. This message seems to resonate. She adds, “ I feel that I’ve had such success and experienced such amazing support from others with Momentum because of this – the genuine desire to create products that support a community that aims to inspire and motivate others to live more active, healthy lives.” Amy is no stranger to an active lifestyle. Growing up, her family ran, hiked, Nordic skied and cycled. At the age of 10, she even completed a 100 mile cycling event. When her children were born she became a runner and pushed the double jogger for eight years. Her love for fitness never wavered, and over the years Amy has branched out into other fitness interests including working out at the gym for strength training and group fitness classes. She cites having found workout buddies as a great way to stay motivated and accountable. When she wasn’t pursuing active interests, Amy was making jewelry and has been for more than two decades. She sold her beautiful pieces at local art fairs and even taught jewelry-making classes in her spare time. This creative outlet has helped her learn how to create, test, and design pieces that others would wear and enjoy. Today, Amy explains that Momentum, “comes from my combined love for fitness and for being creative.” She says that, “The idea for Momentum was a literal lightbulb moment – I realized that I could use my skills and passion to create something that could help people do more to reach their goals and push past their limits.” During Momentum’s early years, Amy would hand-stamp each piece at her kitchen table and worked hard to market her business (which has been a learning process) and share her passion with others. Things really took off in 2013 when Amy travelled to the SCW Mania Fitness Convention in Philadelphia and received an incredible response to her jewelry. The interest and enthusiasm from the convention gave Amy the confidence she needed to jump into her business completely. Since founding Momentum Jewelry five years ago, Amy credits the people in her inner circle as invaluable contributors to the businesses success. ”My husband wrote the code and built me my first website, which lasted until last summer when we updated to a new platform,” Amy says. She adds, “My girls have traveled with me and helped at many conventions and expos, and they all used to help in assembly and production.” By doing all of the work themselves, they were able to reinvest in the company to help it grow, expand their product line, hire more people and expand into retail stores. In addition to running Momentum Jewelry, Amy aims to get in a workout each day, whether it be a spin or BodyPump class, for example. According to Amy, “Taking time for daily exercise makes me a more patient and happy person. I love feeling strong – when I feel physically strong, I feel mentally strong and ready to take anything on.” This type of optimism and motivation is what Momentum Jewelry is working to instill in others. As part of the company’s outreach and goal to inspire, motivate, and encourage others to be active and healthy, Momentum Jewelry has partnered with Girls On the Run (GOTR), an organization that aims to help develop young girls’ self-esteem through a movement-based curriculum. “The societal pressures faced by girls to look a certain way are so ubiquitous that we often aren’t even aware of them and how they make girls feel inadequate and like they don’t measure up,” Amy explains. “I believe that organizations like GOTR can help combat this by helping girls during this critical age experience and discover their strength and power. When you test your physical limits, you also develop mental strength – the GOTR program helps to show them that they are strong, they can do hard things, and will be stronger (both physically and mentally) because of it.” Momentum has been making custom GOTR designs for several years and donates 5% of its annual profits to the organization, as well as the //">Action for Healthy Kids Foundation. Her advice to others seeking momentum in their own lives? “Acknowledge your progress and to be kind to yourself,” Amy offers. To remind herself of this, she wears her “LIVE fearlessly” Momentum necklace almost every day. “Before Momentum I was much more afraid to believe in myself and my ideas.” Amy adds, “Momentum has made me take risks and just “go for it” like I’ve never done before in my life. Sometimes that’s really scary, but I’ve been lucky to have the complete support of my family. The more I practice it, the easier it has become to stretch my limits further and further.” Learn more about Amy Cochrane and check out Momentum Jewelry (a new design launches this month!): Website: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Amy Cochrane graduated from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities with a Masters in Public Health and lives in Saint Paul, Minnesota with her husband and two daughters. SaveSave