Ignoring that Negative Voice

by Josh Becker
Ignoring that Negative Voice
When I’m out running I have a lot of time to think. Most often it’s just me and the road. The miles keep ticking and my mind starts racing. I think about everything from current life to future goals. I think about how far I’ve come and where I want to go. I think about crossing finish lines and beating personal records. Most of the time, my thoughts are positive, but ever-so-often I get sucked into a negative whirlwind that could have a significant negative impact if I allowed it. It usually starts with something like, “Why on earth am I doing this right now?” And then it may morph to something like, “Uggh my leg hurts a little.” Or maybe it’s “I’m so tired” and that may follow up with, “Uggh this is just BOOOORRRRING!,” and then if I haven’t corrected the thinking the worst thought crosses my mind:



I know that once that thought crosses my mind I really have two options. One option is to ignore the voice and keep pushing forward, and option two is to give in and stop….after all no one would really know that I quit, but me. And if I am so bored and hurting and tired, why not just quit? Why not just quit, famous last words. The truth is, I HAVE quit in the past. I’m not perfect! The challenge is that every time I allow my mind to take over, the game is lost. I may as well not even start the run because the negative mind has won. I find this to be true when I work out and equally true when the alarm rings to get out the door. My mind, “Oh this bed is soooo comfortable and warm, just hit snooze.” ME: “Get up you lazy bum…you need to get to the gym and do your workout!” It’s a battle between good and evil and it is critical that the good wins. When it doesn’t, when I do give in to that evil voice, at best I regret it, at worst that voice grows stronger and harder to resist in the future. It’s like the dominos begin to fall and it becomes easier to quit. NOT what I want. So why am I sharing this with you? I’m sharing this with you because this IS a struggle for me…and my guess, it’s a struggle for you too. I’m just a normal person with competing priorities. I do get tired. I have days where I don’t feel well. And, I do love the warmth of my bed. The truth is, sometimes I do get bored with working out. BUT…and here is the main reason I’m sharing this, I no longer quit! I no longer let that negative voice gain traction. When it says stop, it better have a really good reason or it’s ignored and replaced with a drive to push forward. At any given moment my mind might sound like this:
“I should just stop.”
“No, you are not going to stop Ryan. This is making you stronger”
“But I am TIRED”
“You’re rested…you are fine. You can do this. You are strong and capable.”
“But maybe my calcium is getting low”
“Drink some Cal-EZ and keep going. You are not at risk of injury. Go Go GO”
“Uggh okay, fine, just one more lap and I’ll see how I feel.”
“NO…it isn’t just one more lap. You WILL finish this. You are strong and capable and this will make you stronger. Now STOP trying to quit and keep running”…… No joke…that is a normal dialog for me. Even though I love working out, that voice still exists and I still fight it…but now I don’t quit….I push harder and prove that the voice has little merit! Never_quit_2 So back to why I’m sharing this with you…I’m sharing this with you because my guess is that if you’ve also struggled with that voice. My guess is that you may have even listened to it in your past. Maybe it has told you to stop and you stopped, or maybe it’s telling you not to start. “You can’t do this.” “You are not like that Ryan guy, he’s different.” “You will just get worse if you work out.” “Your calcium will crash.” “You can’t walk far….why bother trying at all?” TRUST ME…I’ve heard it all…and I know that these voices are easy to believe….but they are also easy to vanquish. When you’re thinking this way…stop yourself. Tell yourself to knock it off. Tell yourself you ARE strong and you ARE capable and you WILL succeed. Being successful is far more mental than it is physical. You have to push past the self-doubt and uncertainty. You have to believe in yourself and what you’re capable of. Stop letting that voice win….it’s time to take control of your own destiny and fight for the lifestyle you’ve always wanted. You deserve it…now tell that negative voice there’s a new sheriff in town! You’ve got this! Disclosure: Cal-EZ is supporting me financially through an athletic sponsorship; however, I was taking Cal-EZ prior to receiving the sponsorship because it works! To read other voices struggling with chronic illness and calcium deficiency, please visit our new series, New Year, New Voices. //cta-image-cms2.hubspot.com/cs/cpi/?&pg=cf306c52-8487-4994-a9e3-dac280192aea&pid=437237">New Year, New Voices