If Your Body Hates Detox, You’re Doing It Right

smoothieThis has been the first “real” week of doing Danielle’s phenomenal //foodconfidence.com/nourish/" target="_blank">Nourish: 21 Days of Cleansing program. It’s been a tough week; this week makes last week’s caffeine withdrawal seem like a cake walk. Only eating raw (uncooked) super veggies like kale and collard greens, accompanied with homemade dressings gave my body a big shock, and then… bliss. I never thought I’d survive a whole week eating raw, let alone any benefits I could get out of it. I could have cooked the veggies, but I picked easy-to-prepare raw recipes from Danielle’s cookbook to see how they went. Her meal plans and grocery list took away many barriers (and excuses not) to spend a whole week eating foods that assisted my liver and kidneys in detox. For the first few days, my body wasn’t pleased with me; it’s like my stomach knew what was up. By Wednesday, I was feeling much better, and some symptoms I had before the program (like bloating) completely went away! Cravings also began to lose their force; by the weekend, self-control came easy. Two weeks ago, I wouldn’t have even peeked at //www.monamigabi.com/" target="_blank">Mon Ami Gabi’s salad menu, yet I instantly ran through the salad listing, and picked the one I thought was most nourish-like: grilled salmon on a bed of baby kale with blueberries and walnuts. Yum! My tastes have also changed drastically––the last thing I thought would ever happen! Introducing my taste buds to different foods and concoctions helped refine my palate. Trying new foods and delicious ways to prepare them has opened my eyes (and mouth) to appreciate the new flavors. Believe it or not, nourish-eating can be delicious. Best of all… I lost a few pounds! The only exercise I’ve been doing these days is chasing around my one year-old, so it’s incredible to me that by just eating greener, replacing the unhealthy with healthy, my body immediately reacted positively.

I feel cleaner, leaner, and more energized than I did a week ago––and that’s without caffeine, sugar, and processed foods.

There’s so much I’ve already learned, and I’m learning every day. (Did you know there’s such a thing as black bean pasta and it’s super healthy? I didn’t know until yesterday!) This is one of the greatest things about the Nourish program. Not only has Danielle nourished our bodies with meal plans and recipes, she’s also nourishing our knowledge daily with information about how our bodies process food, why it’s important to eat healthy, and how different foods nourish our bodies. This week, we’re reintroducing meat protein and grains back into our diet. Stay tuned until next week, and I’ll tell you how it goes!