Forward Is the Only Way

by Josh Becker
Forward Is the Only Way
20160217_195101 You might remember my first blog post of the year where I announced that I’ll be training for the Iron Man competition in the fall! Since my last update, I completed my first 15K race! It was the Hot Chocolate Run, which is hosted at various cities across the country. I highly recommend everyone either doing the 5K or other distances if it’s offered in your area! Everyone wins some hot chocolate when you finish the race––and who wouldn’t want some hot chocolate?

Iron Man Training Progress

This was a great accomplishment for me; I finished in just under two hours (one hour and 56 minutes to be exact). I had to increase my speed during the race because this run has a minimum pace required to finish; I generally run/walk during races due to a foot injury, so if you also have an injury, I recommend alternating speeds to help you reach your distance. I’ve also been swimming, and have made pretty good progress there! At the beginning of the year, I had swimming speeds of 2 minutes 43 seconds at 100 meters. Now, I’m swimming 1 minute 56 seconds at 100 meters––that’s almost a full minute shaved off! The third piece of my Iron Man training is cycling, and I didn’t have as much progress there as in the other two areas. Due to Texas’ unpredictable weather, I’ve been riding on my road bike mostly indoors this winter, though I was recently able to take my bike outside for a couple of rides. Regardless, the indoor training has been beneficial to me; I have a trainer who has been tremendous in helping me improve my training quality. Cycling is really important for the Iron Man race, and now I’m riding at a faster pace.

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Lately, I’ve been with some overexercising injuries and and other complications; with my Hypoparathyroidism, I’m prone to injury, so this isn’t surprising. Because my body doesn’t recover like the average person does after exercise, my muscles and bones are taking a beating with this training regimen. I am keeping a close eye on my foot and toe joints; I had surgery for that a few years ago, and it’s likely I’ll have to do it again after the Iron Man race. My left knee is also having some problems. This has all happened in the past couple of weeks, and it’s been challenging for me. My coach and I have decided to stop running and cycling for a week, and focus on some strength training to build my muscles back up. My training schedule will be picking up soon, so I hope with my persistence will get my body back in the game sooner rather than later! I’ll be posting an update next month, but I would love to hear your words of encouragement to help me push on in the meantime. And if you’re feeling generous, please visit to my Crowdrise page and donate to Hypopara Association! They’re doing such great work supporting research to help people like me have more treatment options, and live a better quality of life! Until next time!