What's Driving the Supplement Boom? Aging, Fitness, Smart Consumers

by Jay Bua
What's Driving the Supplement Boom? Aging, Fitness, Smart Consumers
Dietary supplements are so popular worldwide they’ve created a supplement boom in recent years. Some types of supplements are more popular than others lately, with vitamin D, omega-3 fatty acids, lycopene, and probiotics topping the list. Regardless of which supplements people are buying, there are a few explanations behind the recent explosion. Let’s talk about why people are buying more supplements these days. And learn a little about calcium in particular when you read: Why You Still Need a Calcium Supplement with Your Multivitamin

An Aging Population

Not only are people living longer than they used to, but the adults who make up one of the largest generations—the Baby Boomers—are now mostly at retirement age. The result is a large population of senior citizens who are experiencing the wide variety of health issues that come with getting older. So it’s no wonder that more than half of US adults take some type of supplement, whether a multivitamin or something to prevent a specific ailment as you age.

Focus on Fitness

Many people have discovered that maintaining a healthy weight improves their overall health. So getting in shape is no longer just a desire to look better, but also a necessity in order to avoid health problems. This is just another reason behind the supplement boom. More specifically, some of the best supplements for fitness include probiotics, protein, iron, magnesium, and calcium. These supplements can improve the bones, muscles, and even energy levels, which makes them essential for adults focused on fitness. For more on fitness-related supplements, check out: My Well-Rounded List of Supplements for Fitness

Smart Consumers

Thanks to the Internet, people who want to take charge of their own health have plenty of resources available to them. This means they can research on their own rather than going to a doctor for every question they have. Of course, most people still need to see a doctor for diagnosis and treatment, but they can typically handle figuring out which supplements they need without professional help. So if they’re hoping to prevent a disease that runs in their family, or just want a little more energy, they can go online or read a book to find out which supplements are appropriate. In fact, 70 percent of Americans rely on the Internet to learn more about their own health. The supplement boom also explains why so many manufacturers now have websites (apps, too!) that help adults take control of their health through medical information, tips, and health calculators. As you can see, there are several reasons behind the recent supplement boom. In general, people are smarter, more into fitness, and living longer than before, and now they know supplements can make a difference in their health. If you’re not yet taking a supplement to boost your levels of important vitamins and minerals—such as calcium and vitamin D—you should try out FitFormula powder, which you can add to your favorite food or drink. You’ll even get your first box half off when you order today by using the coupon code: 50-Off. If you’re not sure why vitamin D is so great for taking with calcium, read: The Deets on Vitamin D—Important Facts You Should Know More sources on what’s driving the supplement boom: Cashing in on the booming market for dietary supplements Americans take fewer vitamins but more vitamin D, omega-3s //www.newhope.com/products-and-trends/12-ingredient-and-supplement-trends-look-out-2017" target="_blank" rel="noopener">12 ingredient and supplement trends to look out for in 2017