Do These Outdoor Activities to Maximize Summer

by Erin Bahadur
Do These Outdoor Activities to Maximize Summer
Now that summer is upon us, we are likely headed to the beach, planning vacations, and enjoying things like barbecues and picnics. The days are longer and the weather is more than inviting. Summer is a time to get outside for a number of reasons and one of those is physical activity. If you’re looking for some options on how to get outside and enjoy the summer while it’s here, look no further! These activities can be done solo or with friends, so you’re never at a loss for what to do. RUN Going for a run is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to be active outside. Simply lace up your shoes and hit the pavement for as short or long as you’d like. Make sure to stay hydrated and avoid the middle of the day during peak sun times. Early morning or evening runs are some of the best times to get outside and log those miles. BIKE For those who dislike or can’t run, biking is another great outdoor activity. If you live in a city, there are usually bike rentals that can be used for the day. If you own your own, try biking to work or other places that are nearby. SWIM A great way to cool off AND exercise is to swim. Many pools have lap lanes that can be used in the summer, or simply getting out into a local body of water and moving around is a great way to keep your body active.
PADDLEBOARD If you live near a body of water, see if there are any stand up paddleboarding (SUP) businesses nearby. Using a board larger than a surfboard for more stability, students stand and use a long paddle to move distances across the water. It’s a great arm and core workout! PLAY SPORTS Team sports such as volleyball, baseball/softball, basketball, kickball, and tennis are popular during the summer months. Look into joining an intramural league or even just grab a group of friends to get outside while the days are longer.
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PLAY WITH PETS As much as we need to keep moving around, so do our pets. Take them to a park and spend time interacting with them through things like frisbee and fetch. Some dogs also make great running partners! With only about 100 days of summer in Chicago, it’s important for me to take advantage of them. I make sure to walk to my training clients as much as possible and spend the weekends exploring the city. When the heat makes it too unbearable for an outdoor workout, I still make sure to walk to and from the gym. If you have limited access to outdoor spaces such as parks or beaches, think about ways you can get outside and still stay active. Several of the options above still apply, but if you’re looking for other ideas closer to home, try something like taking a walk after dinner. Think about ways you can get outside and move. Do you have a garden? Spend a weekend afternoon planting or weeding during these warmer months. We’d love to hear your ideas for outdoor summer activities so leave them in the comments! SaveSave