Cal-EZ: The People Behind the Names

by Cal-EZ Team
Here at the Cal-EZ blog, you may see some authors sometimes and wonder who they are and what they do. Some of those authors are Peter Bua and Cal-EZ staff. Peter at Cal-EZ

Peter Bua is the president of Cal-EZ. Peter started his career with a BS in exercise science and nutrition. He became a personal trainer 12 years ago where he has spoken and appeared on several news programs regarding fitness. It was also during this time that he saw the need for nutrition products that were beneficial to his clients and “not just another supplement”. So he started in the nutrition business as a product developer 8 years ago and has developed several nutrition products, one of which is Cal-EZ. Peter developed Cal-EZ because he didn’t like to see his clients taking supplements with lots of fillers and preservatives. Cal-EZ is pure calcium and vitamin D in powder form. There are no binders or fillers to get in the way of absorption. The powder helps prevent an upset stomach, such as when taking large pills. The powder easily mixes with any beverage or soft food with no taste. And because Peter believes so strongly in his product, he wants you to try it free.

calcium powder

Laura at Cal-EZ Another author, Cal-EZ staff, may include several of the staff here at Cal-EZ, but it is most often Laura. Laura has a PhD in Physiology (the study of how the body works). She is most often the one behind educational topics here on the blog and will sometimes talk about her Mama and her kids (but only in the most roundabout way because even though she is still on the younger side, she still has an issue with the internet and personal privacy). As a woman, wife, mother of young children, and, daughter, she knows the importance of calcium and vitamin D to her body and to her children, husband, and mother. Her husband is deficient in vitamin D after the move from the sunny South below //">35° latitude. Cal-EZ is great for him because he gets his vitamin D with his cereal in the morning or with his beverage during the day. And because Cal-EZ is a portable powder, he can take it with him making it more likely for him to take his vitamin D than forgetting like he usually does. If you ever have a topic that you want discussed, leave a comment on any of the blogs and she’ll try to work them into her blog posts.