There's a Reason Businesses are Big on Supplements—Consumers are All In

by Jay Bua
There's a Reason Businesses are Big on Supplements—Consumers are All In
The dietary supplement market is big, and it’s only getting bigger. In fact, in 2016, it was valued at nearly $133 billion, and it’s likely to reach $220 billion by 2022. So it’s no wonder many businesses are now interested in getting a piece of the supplement pie! If you’re wondering what‘s led to this growth, the answer lies in what the top brands can now offer their customers. That includes more health research, more personalized offerings, and more appealing products. Here’s what else you should know about why businesses are big on supplements. Take a moment to learn what to expect from supplements this year: Trends in Supplement Use—and What’s Ahead in 2018

Plenty of Research on Why Businesses Are Big on Supplements

The reason more people buy supplements is the increased knowledge of health among consumers these days. More people are aware of the vitamins and minerals they might be missing, as well as what the most important nutrients are. They may even be trying out clean eating. This means they’re no longer willing to accept supplements that don’t have the best ingredients in them, and preservatives and artificial flavors are out. Instead, they want pure supplements that are as natural as possible, and that contain the RDA of whichever vitamins and minerals they’re missing in their diet. So it’s not surprising that these health-conscious consumers have lots of questions for the latest supplement brands. What may be surprising, though, is that many of these brands are prepared to actually provide answers—complete with research to back them up. After all, they want to build trust and credibility, which is why many gladly publish lab test results and point to studies that support their claims. Such transparency is another reason why businesses are big on supplements. If you’re looking for supplements free of artificial ingredients, this post might interest you: 5 Tips for Starting Your Clean Eating Journey Today

More Personalization

Businesses are big on supplements these days because of the ability to personalize products to fit every customer. For example, one newer brand asks people questions about their health goals and current lifestyle. This allows the brand to recommend supplements that can meet their target audience’s health needs better than ever. Of course, personalization is easier when people are making their purchases online, as websites and apps can ask all the necessary questions. So brands that sell online will have the advantage here. And that seems to be more and more supplement brands, as in 2016, 13 percent more consumer health companies sold their products online than in the previous year. Clearly these are just a few of the reasons businesses are big on supplements.

Better Aesthetics

Dietary supplements don’t have to be boring. Now more than ever, businesses are big on supplements and because their packaging and the supplements themselves look more appealing. Gone are the days when dietary supplements were only available in bland packaging that didn’t look any different from the other bottles on the shelf. Some popular supplement manufacturers now draw inspiration from beauty brands when it comes to packaging. This even extends to the product itself, as some newer pills simply look more palatable than they once did. As a result, beauty and fashion influencers have gotten into the habit of sharing pictures of some brands of supplements. That’s one way to greatly improve the popularity of your supplements, especially among Millennials! It’s no wonder businesses are big on supplements. If you’re interested in discovering how far supplements have come, try FitFormula calcium powder. It’s free of added fillers and preservatives, and you can mix it into any food or beverage to make sure you get enough calcium and vitamin D. Buy it online today for 50 percent off! You can learn more about choosing the right supplement brands when you read this: Dietary Supplements: 4 Things You Can Be Doing Better More sources for learning about dietary supplements: Chic, Direct-To-Consumer Vitamin Companies Are the Latest Wellness Trend New Companies are Competing to Make the Vitamin Space Sexy Personalization and E-Commerce Shaking Up the Vitamins and Dietary Supplements Marketplace