7 Tips to Motivate & Enhance Your Treadmill Running Experience

by Megan Abdelnour
7 Tips to Motivate & Enhance Your Treadmill Running Experience
Treadmill running often seems monotonous, but no run should be boring (yes, this includes what some of you refer to as the “dreadmill” run too)! As the weather turns cold and the snow and ice cover the pavement, it can be dangerous to run outside. Even in the summer, it can often be way too hot to run outside. Or perhaps you’re a parent and running on a treadmill while your child naps is your only option. If the //www.active.com/running/articles/5-tips-for-a-better-treadmill-workout" target="_blank" rel="noopener">treadmill is your backup plan, don’t fret, with a little planning and a positive mindset, you can still get a great run in! Here are 7 tips for staying motivated & getting a good run in on the treadmill (+ 3 FREE workouts!):

1. Add intervals and inclines.

Nothing makes it a “dreadmill” like running for miles at the same pace. So mix up your routine and add intervals. For example, break a 20 minute run into five 4-minute intervals of various speeds. Check out the interval workouts below! Another way to improve your treadmill run is to play around with the incline. It may be tough, but you’ll be able to get in a better, more challenging workout.

2. Take a workout class that includes treadmill running.

There are so many group classes these days that involve treadmill running, such as the Mile High Run Club, Orange Theory Fitness, and Barry’s Bootcamp.

3. Try not to look at the screen.

Too much focus on the screen and the numbers going up on the milage can drive you nuts. It’s just like watching a clock tick--looking only makes time go slower. So cover up your screen with a towel!

4. Race someone next to you.

If you have a running buddy, this makes it more fun. Hop on and see who can run the fastest mile, or the fastest interval. And if you don’t know the person next to you, you can imagine yourself racing them anyway!

5. Run in front of a mirror.

For some people, running in front of a mirror is motivating. You can focus on examining your form or even pretend that you’re running a race!

6. Split up your workout.

Instead of one continuous run, break it up! For example, run for 10 minutes, perform 10 minutes of strength training, run for 10 minutes, perform 10 minutes of core/ab exercises, etc. Trust me, the treadmill minutes will fly by!

7. Stay entertained.

Download an amazing playlist, or watch one of your favorite shows while you run. You may just //womensrunning.competitor.com/2016/02/hungry-runner-girl/how-to-love-the-treadmill-and-8-workouts-to-make-the-time-fly_54347#L0KuszQb13oArc50.97" target="_blank" rel="noopener">fall in love with treadmill running before you know it! Now that you’ve got some tips for keeping your motivation and increasing the excitement when running on the treadmill, here are a few great workouts you can do to get yourself started on your treadmill journey. Once you’ve got a good routine and find what helps motivate you on your treadmill runs, you may be surprised at just how good of a workout you can get! What helps you not dread your treadmill workout? Let us know in the comments!

3 Free Treadmill Workouts

Note: consult your doctor before beginning any workout, especially intensive treadmill workouts, to ensure you are healthy enough to participate. As always, stop exercising if you feel faint, short of breath, or excessively uncomfortable. SaveSave