15 Easy Salads with 5 Ingredients or Less

by Rachael Seda
As a //www.scarymommy.com/first-time-mom-mistakes/">first time mom of a 1-year-old with a full time business, what I'm going to eat for lunch is the least of my worries. But of course, if there's one thing I've learned as a new mom, it's that planning ahead is everything. If I don't have something quick and healthy at my fingertips, I'll likely end up eating takeout junk food that makes me awful. And we all know there's no vitamins or supplements (yes, including your Cal-EZ calcium and vitamin D powder) that can make up for bad eating. So when I found this fun recipe infographic of //www.berries.com/blog/15-delicious-5-ingredient-less-summer-salads">15 salads with 5 ingredients or less from Shari's Berries, I was instantly relieved. Not only did it do the planning for me, it made lunch easy, healthy and fun too! I'm hoping you'll be inspired to add these ingredients to your grocery list and then relax knowing you're set with a week of healthy and delicious lunches. Bon appetit friends! summer_salads3