Back in the Saddle Again, Almost

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Wow it has been a busy month! Almost exactly a month since my last blog. I had the grand opportunity to go to the Annual Hypoparathyroidism Conference in Minneapolis, MN in June! I got to see my second family. I feel so connected to everyone when I go to these conferences. I went over 20 years without knowing a single soul with this disease, so I felt very alone at times. The conference was a blast! I got to meet some new people that I had never met in person but talked to on the internet all the time. It is always nice to be able to put a face with a name in person! I won’t dive too much into the conference, but I highly recommend it if you can come next year as it will be in Jacksonville, FL! Bring your beach towels!

In my //”>blog from last month, I talked about wanting to lose weight and really get on the bandwagon to eating healthier. Well I haven’t weighed on the scale much. I find a lot of bad taboo in doing that. People get so excited when they lose 2 pounds and then next day they weigh themselves and have gained 5 pounds and freak out! There will always be fluctuation in your weight because of water weight. I have really worked hard to change my diet, I am not noticing it yet in the mirror and, unfortunately, that won’t happen for a while. But my weight isn’t going up so that’s a GREAT thing! I am trying to avoid eating as much bread as possible. I am trying to stay focused on my workouts too! 



Yes you read that correctly! I am finally working out!!!



I am not back on the bike yet, however, I am allowed to be on the recumbent bike. If you aren’t sure what the difference is, I am going to try and explain and hope I don’t confuse you more. My bikes have a little bitty saddle that looks like I am sitting on a stick that is hard and very uncomfortable looking which trust me they can be! A recumbent bicycle typically has a bucket style seat where you sit down lower and you are able to lean back with your back being supported. I am doing that for 30 minutes when it is scheduled. I am also back to walking and I finally got in the pool last night and I had an incredible workout!! I was very impressed with my swim workout. I might have pushed it a little hard though without knowing. I am pretty sore today and it kept me from being able to work out this evening. I hope it’s just something I will deal with for a few days and not be a nuance. I also started back doing my strength training classes as well! I have been a busy person these last few weeks. My muscles are sore at times but I miss that feeling. Well it is getting late and I am trying to not go to bed as late as I have been. Look forward to next month where I will be very close to being able to get back on my BIKE! I also hope to be running by then too! As always keep focused but don’t forget to have fun too.

Disclosure: I receive an athletic scholarship from Cal-EZ. Although I am not able to take Cal-EZ right now because of my participation in a clinical study that mandates I use a different calcium product, my thoughts about Cal-EZ are my own because I believe it is beneficial for people on the go and for those suffering with hypoparathyroidism.

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