2018 Unbreakable Awards

Nomination Deadline: December 14, 2018
Winners Announced: December 20, 2018



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Do You Know An Unbreakable Woman?

We all know women who inspire us with their courageous spirit. Perhaps it’s the woman who seems to always be fielding one of life’s unexpected curveballs, yet somehow manages to overcome even the most difficult of circumstances with grace and an unbreakable sense of courage.

Perhaps she’s the friend who is first to show up and stand resolutely by your side when you’re the one experiencing one of those curveballs.

Perhaps she’s the woman who always finds a way to inspire those around her, because she is simply so amazing.

You know a woman who fits these descriptions, don't you? Or maybe you're lucky enough to know more than one.

These amazing women surround us every day and exemplify so many positive qualities. They are imbued with tenacity, a sense of humor, relentless determination, courage in the face of adversity, optimism, ferocity, an unwavering commitment to what they believe, unshakeable faith, spirit, and above all, they just won't quit. They won’t quit on themselves, they won’t quit on you, and they won’t quit on whatever they put their heart and soul into.

These are just some of the qualities we see in women who are true champions—determined and fearless, these women push on in spite of their fears and inspire us every day in so many different ways. More than anything, these women are unbreakable—and we want to find, recognize, and celebrate them!

Take a look at the women in your circle of friends, family, and colleagues—and see if you recognize in them the spirit of these women:

  • The single mother who started her own personal fitness training business (or some other business) to help other women find their strength again.
  • The woman running for political office for the first time, hoping to be the change she wants to see in the world.
  • The woman who unexpectedly lost the love of her life.
  • The woman who courageously battled cancer or another life-threatening disease and is using her experience to help others.
  • The friend who started a woman’s fitness movement to encourage other women to adopt it as a way to empower themselves.
  • A woman who has battled (or continues to battle) an eating disorder, and who shares her story and journey to health and wellness with other women.
  • The recently separated or divorced friend who refuses to let life's unexpected turns take her out at the knees.
  • A domestic violence survivor who is telling her story to offer encouragement, solidarity, inspiration, and advice to other women in similar situations.
  • The woman struggling with anxiety, depression, other mental health issues, or who is mourning the loss of someone she loves to suicide—and who still finds the strength to shine a light on these conditions to help remove the stigma associated with mental health problems.
  • The woman who creates a Facebook group to help WOC with disabled children who need advice and assistance in the midst of financial crisis.
  • The mom coaching underprivileged youth in her spare time and inspiring the next generation of women to believe in themselves.
  • The woman championing body positivity and helping others find joy, in themselves and in their own skin.

There are so many other examples of remarkable women evidencing their unbreakable spirit, but we’re pretty sure you get our drift.

Chances are you’ve already thought of at least a few unbreakable women who are making a big difference in the world around them. Women like this often go unrecognized on a day-to-day basis and our team at FitFormula Wellness wants to change that.

We created The Unbreakable Awards as part of our national outreach program to bring recognition and reward to women who are following their dreams, moving mountains, making a difference, and inspiring others by their actions. 

We're thrilled to announce that nominations are now open for The 3rd Annual Unbreakable Awards. Nominate the women you feel embody the spirit of the Unbreakable Awards, and help us shine the spotlight on their efforts and encourage them to continue their quests to change lives.

If a nominee is named a 2018 Unbreakable Award Winner, our team at FitFormula Wellness will conduct a brief interview to help us compile profiles of all the winners, which will then be published here on FitFormulaWellness.com.

Winners will be selected by the FitFormula Wellness team and winners will be announced December 20, 2018.

Use the form below to submit your nomination. Yes, you can submit multiple nominations (just come back to this form for each submission.) And yes, you can nominate yourself. We can’t wait to read all your stories and how you—and the women you know—are changing the world.

Thank you for helping us recognize the amazing, unbreakable women around us!




  • Friend, Sister, Brother, Parent, Colleague, etc.

  • What is she doing—and what is it about her—that makes her strong and unbreakable? Tell us why she is your choice to receive a 2018 Unbreakable Award.
  • If none, simply enter "none."